Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday we have this monthly fellowship in our company, the settings is abrupt since the management treat this as our pilot testing if what will be the response of the employees. I'm expecting a preacher or a pastor that will make a sermon for the gathering but the CEO gave us this movie "Fireproof".

First I feel uninterested and I thought this would make the program boring. The story started with a married firefighter with much pride and complicates with unsatisfied wife. They have a stable job and for 7 years of marriage they don't manage to have any offspring. I ask my self why? For me having a child is a wonderful gift, but anyway why should I care about that in the movie (hehhehehehe). One lesson I've learn, that being in a public service doesn't mean a pure heart. Helping the poor, saving lives and other good deeds won't cover our hidden sin and unfaithfulness to God.

Having a perfect relationship is not about choosing a good partner, but being a good partner no matter what happens. In other hand, its not about other people's attitude or character that build a great relationship but how we react in times of trouble and uncertainty. Its like how you treat scenario and situation, not how situation treat you. I hope you get my point, since I'm practicing my writing skills (huhuhu).

One last thing that almost pour my tears out, when he discover that the one who change his heart was his mother. The person who he has mistreated for years is the person that bringing back his life to normal.

If you have some spare time, this movie will give you a heart warming message and a realities in life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why the future doesn't need us.

This is a good document to read on, a document from Bill Joy, the Co-founder of Sun Microsystem and one contributor of Java VM development... whew... What he's saying is really possible...tsk tsk... Any reaction please give comment on this Post. Tnx....
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Am I an IT Professional?

Yes I am. Since I started my carrier, I choose to become one because I really love this line of field. I love (almost craving!) building computer applications for my clients and for the institution where I’m working for.

Following are the things that excites me about my field:

  1. Currently, IT industry is one of the fast moving/promising businesses in the world.
  2. The future is more on interfacing between machines and human (simple and less talk, quick, easy and safe).
  3. I can work in my own home as long as I’m connected in the internet. (I can spend time with my family too!).
  4. Information Technology is applicable in all forms of organization and institution to help the management for decision support, hence, any suitable IT project proposal is viable.
  5. As an IT Professional, nowadays, you can’t lose a job, because even in a clerk position the minimum requirement is computer literate (MS Office, Open Office applications, etc.)

In addition, information is the blood line of any organization. Poor design in information structure and process can damage even the solid institution or government. In summary, IT Professionals has the vital role in building the future of our local community, for the country and for the world.